Very glad that Vince Young is getting this chance with the Browns

The best play I have ever seen. My favorite Sports Illustrated cover ever.

The best play and game I have ever seen. My favorite Sports Illustrated cover ever. Just looking at this cover brings back memories of pure passion and bliss.

When Vince Young suited up for the Green Bay Packers last year in preseason, I had wished the Browns would give him a chance. He is one of my favorite players ever. I was surprised he didn’t make the Packers final roster. His play at the University of Texas was literally magical.

The 2006 Rose Bowl National Championship game will be one I never forget. That touchdown run on 4th and 5 is one I will also never forget. That is one of those moments that I even remember exactly where I was watching it. Unforgettable. I hated USC then. In fact, my favorite team was whoever was playing them.

USC was so good. They always won. When Texas met them in the title game, I never wanted a team to win more. Still to this day I’m not sure if I’ve ever rooted for a team harder.

Vince Young’s performance that night was the best I’ve ever seen. The joy he brought me was so great that it actually has pained me to see him go downhill the last five years or so.

I think he is talented. In preseason last year, he completed more then half of his passes which may not sound that great, but he hadn’t played in a while.

I can’t wait to see what he does with this new chance. I wish him the best of luck. Because of him I love college football as much as I do, which also was the time I started following NFL like a maniac. So who knows, I possibly owe my love of football to him.

I’ll never forget what he did that night in Pasadena and I hope he makes it on a NFL roster for the entirety of the 2014 season. It is an honor to have him on the Browns.



This years Pro Bowl was pretty good

I thought the new Pro Bowl this year was great. The draft was new and interesting, the new rules also made the game great.

My favorite rule was the two minute warning every quarter and the ball changing hands after every quarter. I think the NFL should do this in the regular season. When there is less then two minutes there was a sense of urgency. There could be a lot more scoring.

The draft was pretty cool for a number of reason. We saw how some NFL players and legends rate their peers. One of the worst teams, the Cleveland Browns, had three players get drafted in the top ten. The Browns could be really good next season.

We saw teammates play against each other. Derrick Johnson made a huge hit on Kansas City Chiefs teammate Jamaal Charles. Charles suffered a concussion in the playoffs and has been troubled with them before. If I was a Chiefs fan, which I’m not, I wouldn’t be happy. Who knows, that hit could end up ending his career a little early. All the hits in the head add-up and he is probably pretty close to the limit where he will have to retire.

I hope the Pro Bowl is good again next season, but for now, I can’t wait for the Super Bowl.

Looking back at the Chargers home schedule

Bengals huddle before game at San Diego

Bengals huddle before game at San Diego (Thomas Frey)

The Chargers played some good teams at home this year and for the most part, they played very well.

The season opened on Monday Night Football against the Houston Texans. Going into the season, the Texans were a favorite to win the AFC South. Nobody thought they would be the worst team in the league. The game could not have started any better for the Chargers who at one point were winning 28-7. Then the Texans incredible comeback happened and the Chargers lost 31-28.

The next home game was the highly anticipated game against the Dallas Cowboys. The Chargers played well, and even though Dez Bryant caught two touchdowns, the Chargers were able to win 30-21.

For the second time, the Chargers hosted a Monday Night Football game.This time it was against the Colts who would go on to win the AFC South, and are currently getting ready to play in the divisional round next weekend after beating Kansas City 45-44 in the Wild Card game. Rivers controlled the ball that day against the Colts and they were able to efficiently run out the clock on the Colts to win 19-9.

The next game was the only game where I feel like the other team put in a great effort, and the only one where the other team deserved the win. Peyton Manning and the Broncos beat the Chargers 28-20. Three of Manning’s touchdowns were to Demaryius Thomas.

Two turnovers easily makes this loss to the Bengals the most frustrating home game of the season. Both happened inside the redzone and they both involved Antonio Gates. The Bengals did almost nothing right on offense and managed to barely get out of Qualcomm Stadium with a 17-14 win.

The sixth home game was against the New York Giants and it was the funnest as well. The way Eli Manning dissed the Chargers on draft day made the Chargers fans mad and he got booed almost the whole game. When he threw his interceptions, the crowd cheered to no end. The Chargers easily won this game 37-14 as rookie wide receiver Keenan Allen got two touchdowns.

With two games to go the Chargers hosted the rival Oakland Raiders. In order to make the playoffs, the Chargers needed to win out and have the Dolphins and Ravens both lose. So many said it would be an impossible task. The Dolphins were playing the Bills and the Jets in their final games. Well, the Dolphins and Ravens both lost week 16. The last thing that needed to be done that week to stay alive would be to beat the Raiders. It wasn’t easy, but the Chargers won 26-13 to stay alive heading into the final week of the season.

The Chargers would know their fate by game time in their season finale against the Chiefs because the Dolphins and Ravens each played in the morning while the Chargers had the afternoon timeslot. A few hours before game time, the Chiefs announced they would be benching most of the starters. Chargers fans knew that they could win the home game if everything went well in the morning.

The morning went great. The Dolphins and Ravens both lost setting up a playoff game atmosphere at Qualcomm Stadium that afternoon. The game wasn’t as easy as people thought though.

At the end of the third quarter, with the Chargers down ten, Tackle D.J. Fluker held up four fingers to signify the start of the fourth quarter. He never gave up and had a magnificent game as the Chargers were able to tie this one up late. All the Chargers had to do was stop the Chiefs to send this game to overtime, but the Chiefs marched down the field and ran the clock down, leaving time for only a field goal.

Ryan Succop would be kicking a 41 yarder. I thought the game was over because Succop is a decent kicker. Then he missed, the stadium rocked, nobody could believe it. It was one of the greatest celebrations I have ever seen. Chargers players were pumped, they had all the momentum on their side. They ended up kicking a field goal and then forcing a turnover on downs to end the game and send the Chargers to the playoffs.