Kevin Durant would be on the Bulls if David Stern didn’t change the high school to the NBA rule

The worst rule change in sports history has to be when David Stern announced the NBA would no longer accept high school basketball players to go straight to the NBA.

The number two high school sophomore in the country Harry Giles in the grey shirt will have to attend college (Thomas Frey)

The number two high school sophomore in the country Harry Giles in the grey shirt will have to attend college
(Thomas Frey)

The first class of high school players that weren’t allowed to the NBA was the Greg Oden and Kevin Durant class. Oden would have been number one pick to the Toronto Raptors and probably wouldn’t be this injured. The Chicago Bulls had the second pick which they traded to Portland. Lets assume that Chicago hadn’t traded that pick, because frankly, if Durant were available they wouldn’t have traded most likely. Chicago fans, your team had some decent guys, adding Durant would have meant championships. What a perfect place for Michael Jordan’s heir to play.

The 2004 and 2005 McDonald’s All American games were great. The practices of those years were more competitive then the 2006-2013 McDonald’s games combined. Their was so much on the line. Stern pretty much made the McDonald’s game pointless to watch. It is a great honor to be named a McDonald’s All American, but when the NBA isn’t on the line, it isn’t as important. It used to be the best.

I salute players like Brandon Jennings, Jeremy Tyler and Latavious Williams. Instead of going to college and making the greedy NCAA tons of money in exchange for pretty much nothing, they turned professional. Jennings and Tyler went to Europe while Williams played in the development league.

Why should a player risk millions of dollars and go to college? Lets take a look at some former number one rated high school players.

Josh Selby was the number one prospect in 2010. He had eligibility issues and had to miss part of the season at Kansas. Then when he was able to play in mid-season he was out of the mix and could never get in the groove. He then declared for the draft. Instead of being a high pick out of high school and being richer then he could have ever imagined, he had to waste a year of his life in college and has never made more then a million dollars in a season.

Shabazz Muhammad exited high school as not only the top player of his class, but one of the best high school players in history. He had to miss time like Selby and had trouble in college. Muhammad would have been the first pick in the draft out of high school. After a year at UCLA he still was a first round pick, but he wasn’t a top ten pick.

I believe that Selby and Muhammad would be NBA stars if they didn’t have to go to college.

Their are many players who were ranked as top ten high school players that couldn’t go to the NBA and lost their draft stock in college.

Imagine if you knew you were going to make a minimum of ten million dollars in the NBA, would you want to take college classes?


Will the Chargers make the playoffs next season?

I think the San Diego Chargers are going to have a great year next season. Last season the new general manager and head had a great draft and exceeded everyone’s expectations by making the playoffs.

D.J. Fluker had a better rookie season then any of the five offensive lineman drafted ahead of him. The Chargers selected Fluker 11th overall. In the second round they drafted Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o. In round three they took wide receiver Keenan Allen who won Sporting News Rookie of the Year. That was the first time in my life I have seen the Chargers actually draft big name guys who produced in college and in there rookie season. Side note, those three were all top 15 high school players. If the Chargers draft like this again this year coming season, then they could be really good. Drafting the best player available works and the Chargers are about to take full advantage.

Philip Rivers played great last season. Ladarius Green is about to break out and if he can work well with Rivers they could become one of the est tight end quarterback combinations in the league.

Ryan Mathews is getting ready to try to prove he is one of the best running backs in the league next season. This season Mathews rebounded from an injury filled 2012 season. If Mathews stays healthy there really isn’t a limit to what he can reach.

The Chargers need to improve the secondary. If they can get a solid free agent or rookie in the top two round of the draft, that could mean the difference in several games. They can’t really do any worse then they did this year.

Finally, I think the offensive line did pretty good for the expectations that were set on them. King Dunlap, Chad Rinehart, Nick Hardwick, Jeromey Clary and D.J. Fluker all did what was required of them. They were the guys who started the most but Johnnie Troutman and Rich Ohrnberger played great when they were called upon.

I predict that the Chargers will finish 11-5 and make the playoffs as the five seed.

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