Top quarterbacks by year

When I want to see what a high school player is ranked, I look at because they have been right right many times in the past. Today I went and looked back at the top quarterbacks they have rated each year. Its pretty interesting and most of these guys made the NFL. I will give my thoughts on each one.

Vince Young was a good pick. He won a national title and was drafted third overall.

Kyle Wright didn’t have a great aceer at Miami. When he got there, they were a top ten ranked team, and when he left they were on a downward spiral.

I thought Rhett Bomar was a great player at Oklahoma. Then he got in trouble with a car dealership. He was a late round draft pick and he never could make it in the NFL.

Mark Sanchez had a good college career and was the fifth overall pick. Rivals got this one correct.

Matt Stafford became a number one overall pick. Rivals got this pick 100% correct.

Jimmy Clausen rolled into Notre Dame in a limo and was expected to win multiple Heismans. That wasn’t the case and he left Notre Dame as a second round pick.

Terrelle Pryor was a very good college quarterback who led Ohio St. to a BCS game every year he was there. If he hadn’t been in trouble he probably would have been a very high draft choice. Even though he was drafted in the supplemental draft, he was able to become a starter.

Matt Barkley was a sure fire top draft choice before returning to USC for his senior season. That was a mistake. USC did terrible his senior year and he fell deep in the draft.

Jake Heaps, Jeff Driskel, Jameis Winston and Max Browne are past number ones that are still in college.