Very glad that Vince Young is getting this chance with the Browns

The best play I have ever seen. My favorite Sports Illustrated cover ever.

The best play and game I have ever seen. My favorite Sports Illustrated cover ever. Just looking at this cover brings back memories of pure passion and bliss.

When Vince Young suited up for the Green Bay Packers last year in preseason, I had wished the Browns would give him a chance. He is one of my favorite players ever. I was surprised he didn’t make the Packers final roster. His play at the University of Texas was literally magical.

The 2006 Rose Bowl National Championship game will be one I never forget. That touchdown run on 4th and 5 is one I will also never forget. That is one of those moments that I even remember exactly where I was watching it. Unforgettable. I hated USC then. In fact, my favorite team was whoever was playing them.

USC was so good. They always won. When Texas met them in the title game, I never wanted a team to win more. Still to this day I’m not sure if I’ve ever rooted for a team harder.

Vince Young’s performance that night was the best I’ve ever seen. The joy he brought me was so great that it actually has pained me to see him go downhill the last five years or so.

I think he is talented. In preseason last year, he completed more then half of his passes which may not sound that great, but he hadn’t played in a while.

I can’t wait to see what he does with this new chance. I wish him the best of luck. Because of him I love college football as much as I do, which also was the time I started following NFL like a maniac. So who knows, I possibly owe my love of football to him.

I’ll never forget what he did that night in Pasadena and I hope he makes it on a NFL roster for the entirety of the 2014 season. It is an honor to have him on the Browns.



Can San Diego ever win a championship?

After seeing the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, I know that I want one of my favorite teams from San Diego to win a championship. If the Chargers, Padres or Aztecs could win it all, I would feel like a Seattle fan. Nobody is predicting a San Diego team to ever win a title. Let me tell you, its coming. Padres, Chargers and especially the Aztecs are improving greatly.

I have great memories of all these teams where they beat teams they weren’t supposed to. I’ll remember those forever, but I want a championship.

In the 2009-2010 college basketball season I was a student manager at San Diego State. That season was special, I got to be a little part of a team that has had two players make the NBA and I won’t be surprised if at least three of the assistants will eventually become head coaches. I loved that team. My favorite game ever was when #14 New Mexico came into Viejas Arena that year. SDSU wasn’t ranked then. The fans there that night were craving an upset. They got one. It was the first time I ever saw a ranked team, and the fact that it was against rival New Mexico made it even better. That same feeling has returned a few times the last few year. This year I hope that the Aztecs make the Final Four. They are definitely good enough to make it that far.

The Padres and Chargers are also both on the rise. If one of these teams can just win a title, I would be a very proud fan.

Times I have seen the Seattle Seahawks

I’ve seen the Seattle Seahawks play four times since 2011. I know the roster pretty well. Three of the four times I saw them were in the preseason, but I have fond memories of seeing these guys play. Here is what I remember in chronological order. 

In the 2011 preseason opener, the Seahawks came to San Diego to play the Chargers. I was lucky enough to see the first career game of Richard Sherman along with K.J. Wright, Byron Maxwell, Doug Baldwin, James Carpenter and Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith. Sherman who is already a two time first team All-Pro returned a punt that game because he was a fifth round draft pick. Nothing to eventful happened in that game, but because those players, some of them great, made there debut, I will never forget it.

I went to the 2012 Rose Bowl and saw Russell Wilson’s final college football game. He played pretty good and his Wisconsin Badgers put up 38 poins in a heart breaking loss to Oregon. At the time I definitely did not think he would win a Super Bowl. 

The next time I saw the Seahawks was for the 2012 Denver Broncos preseason home opener. That was Peyton Manning’s first game in Denver. I’ve never seen happier fans. Wow. I’ll never forget when Manning ran out of the tunnel for the first time as a Bronco. The electricity in the stadium is something I have never experienced. That game was Russell Wilson’s though. He threw for 155 yards and two touchdowns and took the starting job from Matt Flynn. Peyton Manning threw two interceptions including one to K.J. Wright.

In July of 2013, I got to interview athletes at the party for ESPN The Magazines The Body Issue with I got to interview Richard Sherman. I didn’t know he would be there. When I saw him I couldn’t believe it. He is a player I idolize. That was one of the top moments of my whole life. I got a picture with him and in the background is Ricardo Lockette who got a catch in the Super Bowl.

My final time seeing the Seahawks was in there preseason opener at San Diego this year. Jermaine Kearse who scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl scored one in this game. Byron Maxwell had an interception while Malcolm Smith recorded a sack in the Seahawks 31-10 win. 

NFL Awards predictions

The NFL awards are tonight and here are my award predictions.

MVP- Peyton Manning set all the passing records this year and he should win this in a run away.

Defensive player of the year-I think Richard Sherman will win this after leading the league in interceptions. Earl Thomas, Robert Quinn and Robert Mathis are some others who could win this.

Rookie of the year- This race will be pretty close between Keenan Allen and Eddie Lacy. Neither was a first round pick but they both played elite. I think that Allen had a slightly better season and that he will pick-up this award.

Coach of the year- Andy Reid turned the Kansas City Chiefs around completely. After being the worst team in 2012, they made the playoffs in 2013.

Comeback player of the year- Philip Rivers should win this easily. Mike McCoy, a genius in my opinion, completely turned around Rivers.

Will the Chargers make the playoffs next season?

I think the San Diego Chargers are going to have a great year next season. Last season the new general manager and head had a great draft and exceeded everyone’s expectations by making the playoffs.

D.J. Fluker had a better rookie season then any of the five offensive lineman drafted ahead of him. The Chargers selected Fluker 11th overall. In the second round they drafted Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o. In round three they took wide receiver Keenan Allen who won Sporting News Rookie of the Year. That was the first time in my life I have seen the Chargers actually draft big name guys who produced in college and in there rookie season. Side note, those three were all top 15 high school players. If the Chargers draft like this again this year coming season, then they could be really good. Drafting the best player available works and the Chargers are about to take full advantage.

Philip Rivers played great last season. Ladarius Green is about to break out and if he can work well with Rivers they could become one of the est tight end quarterback combinations in the league.

Ryan Mathews is getting ready to try to prove he is one of the best running backs in the league next season. This season Mathews rebounded from an injury filled 2012 season. If Mathews stays healthy there really isn’t a limit to what he can reach.

The Chargers need to improve the secondary. If they can get a solid free agent or rookie in the top two round of the draft, that could mean the difference in several games. They can’t really do any worse then they did this year.

Finally, I think the offensive line did pretty good for the expectations that were set on them. King Dunlap, Chad Rinehart, Nick Hardwick, Jeromey Clary and D.J. Fluker all did what was required of them. They were the guys who started the most but Johnnie Troutman and Rich Ohrnberger played great when they were called upon.

I predict that the Chargers will finish 11-5 and make the playoffs as the five seed.

This years Pro Bowl was pretty good

I thought the new Pro Bowl this year was great. The draft was new and interesting, the new rules also made the game great.

My favorite rule was the two minute warning every quarter and the ball changing hands after every quarter. I think the NFL should do this in the regular season. When there is less then two minutes there was a sense of urgency. There could be a lot more scoring.

The draft was pretty cool for a number of reason. We saw how some NFL players and legends rate their peers. One of the worst teams, the Cleveland Browns, had three players get drafted in the top ten. The Browns could be really good next season.

We saw teammates play against each other. Derrick Johnson made a huge hit on Kansas City Chiefs teammate Jamaal Charles. Charles suffered a concussion in the playoffs and has been troubled with them before. If I was a Chiefs fan, which I’m not, I wouldn’t be happy. Who knows, that hit could end up ending his career a little early. All the hits in the head add-up and he is probably pretty close to the limit where he will have to retire.

I hope the Pro Bowl is good again next season, but for now, I can’t wait for the Super Bowl.