Josh Beckett a hero once again

The 2003 World Series is one of my favorites. I’ll never forget Josh Beckett’s magnificent performance in Game 6 where he threw a complete game and even tagged out the final batter to win that game and World Series MVP.

Beckett has always been in the public eye. Out of high school he was drafted second overall by the Florida Marlins and was immediately a top prospect. The player drafted ahead of him was Josh Hamilton by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Because of that, they have had a connection forever. While Hamilton was out of baseball due to some sad personal issues, a lot of people criticized Tampa Bay for passing on Beckett.

After Beckett played for Florida, I stopped liking him especially on Boston. However, I did like when he was traded to the Dodgers. Not because I like the Dodgers, but because they play in the NL West and I happened to be in Denver when he was traded and I got to see his first start as a Dodger where they lost 10-0 against the Colorado Rockies. I’ve seen him pitch three times total (1-1, 3.78 ERA and 15 strikeouts). My favorite thing is seeing legends play. A no-hitter is one of the rarest moments in sports. This along with his two World Series rings, his World Series MVP, and where he was drafted makes him a legend in my book.

It was nice to see one of the great players in the MLB pad his resume with a no-hitter.


A tribute to Derek Jeter

Future first ballot Hall of Fame baseball player Derek Jeter announced today that 2014 will be his last season. This is a man so well respected that even Red Sox fans won’t be booing him when he plays his last game.

I’m 22 so I don’t really know baseball without Jeter. Baseball was the first sport I ever watched, and the first one I ever loved. I think my life possibly could be completely different without Jeter. I started to like baseball because of him. He was a role model and a great player. I’ve never heard a single player say a bad thing about Jeter. Some fans might hate him because hes on the Yankees, but I just heard even Red Sox fans talking highly of him. If the Red Sox fans respect him, their is no good reason not to like him.

I was six when I first heard about Jeter, he was pretty much the only reason I liked baseball at the time. Without him, I may not have started to like sports for maybe another three years.

Jeter got me into baseball cards which is how I formed most of my baseball and sports knowledge. I would look at those cards so much that they became flashcards and I was studying without even knowing it.

Best of luck to him in retirement, he was the first player in sports I ever admired.

Can San Diego ever win a championship?

After seeing the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, I know that I want one of my favorite teams from San Diego to win a championship. If the Chargers, Padres or Aztecs could win it all, I would feel like a Seattle fan. Nobody is predicting a San Diego team to ever win a title. Let me tell you, its coming. Padres, Chargers and especially the Aztecs are improving greatly.

I have great memories of all these teams where they beat teams they weren’t supposed to. I’ll remember those forever, but I want a championship.

In the 2009-2010 college basketball season I was a student manager at San Diego State. That season was special, I got to be a little part of a team that has had two players make the NBA and I won’t be surprised if at least three of the assistants will eventually become head coaches. I loved that team. My favorite game ever was when #14 New Mexico came into Viejas Arena that year. SDSU wasn’t ranked then. The fans there that night were craving an upset. They got one. It was the first time I ever saw a ranked team, and the fact that it was against rival New Mexico made it even better. That same feeling has returned a few times the last few year. This year I hope that the Aztecs make the Final Four. They are definitely good enough to make it that far.

The Padres and Chargers are also both on the rise. If one of these teams can just win a title, I would be a very proud fan.

Book it! Padres are gonna blow your mind and win the division

I think the San Diego Padres will finish first in the division and host the playoffs this coming season. They have a solid rotation, bullpen and starting lineup.

The Padres have a secret weapon in reliever Nick Vincent. Hes virtually unknown but he has put up fantastic numbers. In just over 72 career inning, Vincent has a 1.98 earned run average. Joaquin Benoit and Huston Street each are safe but I think Vincent is better then Dale Thayer and that Vincent will get more important work then Thayer. The Padres recently acquire left handed specialist Alex Torres.

The rotation was pretty strong last season but this year they have added Josh Johnson. He will join Ian Kennedy, Eric Stults, Andrew Cashner and Tyson Ross as starters in the rotation. If everything goes to plan that could be one of the best rotations in baseball. I think that everything will go right and that those five starters will average 16 wins.

The Padres start the season on Sunday Night Baseball which could be huge. The Dodgers are coming to town and theirs a 99 percent chance that Clayton Kershaw will be pitching. If the Padres can get to him and win this this game there mentality for the season would be, “We can do this, we can beat anyone.”

The bats are waiting to explode. This will hopefully be the ear that Carlos Quentin finally stays healthy and hits a lot of home runs. Even if he gets hurt again I’m not worried. I have seen every one of the hitters show flashes of greatness. The Padres are about to win and surprise people just like the Seahawks did when nobody took them seriously.

Buster Olney predicted the Padres to go to the playoffs. I agree. I think they will go an incredible 99-63 and win the division.

Sports that I want to see the most

San Diego has a lot of sporting events, but there are some other places I would like to go.

I want to go to a SEC football game. Seeing a game in an atmosphere like that would be awesome. I love SDSU football, but there isn’t much fan involvement. I would also like to see a high school football game in either Texas or Oklahoma. I’ve read Friday Night Lights and its looks pretty legit.

I would also like to go to basketball games at Kansas, Kentucky and Duke. Those places had some of the best players and they have so much history. I want to see what the fan support and particularly the student section is like and how it compares to SDSU’s student section, The Show. The traditions are what appeal to me the most.

The next event I want to go to is a major horse race like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness or Belmont. Those tracks have so much history.

I went to the 2009 NBA Draft but I want to go to another draft. It was one of the best events that I have ever been to. The suspense that comes with each pick is hard to beat.

I’d like to go to every NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL stadium but there are a few I would like to go to more then others.

Fenway Park is a place that I will not miss for anything. If they announce theirs only two years left or something, I would make sure that I get there in time.

Wrigley Field is another MLB stadium I would like to go to. It wouldn’t be that bad if I never make there though. I would rather go to most of the other places on this list. Lambeau Field is sort of the same way.

I’d like to see all of these places but for now I have the Padres, Chargers and Aztecs to enjoy.

My three favorite stadiums

Whenever I go to a new city the first thing I look up is what games are going on. I love to see new stadiums, new teams and new players. Most of the stadiums I have been to are on the west coast and while they are all good, a few of them stick out.

My favorite stadium is University of Phoenix Stadium. My first visit there was for the 2011 Fiesta Bowl between UCONN and Oklahoma. You can see the stadium from far away, it sticks out and my first thought was, “Holy shit thats big.” I have never had such a great first impression. Inside is top of the line to. Watching football indoors is great. I love indoor stadiums because you don’t have to worry about the weather.

My second favorite stadium is Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The stadium itself is nothing special, but the atmosphere is crazy. You can feel the excitement and energy in the whole city on game days. I was there for Peyton Manning’s first and second home preseason games. I can’t even imagine how exciting a regular season game would be.

My third favorite stadium is the Rose Bowl. I went to the 2012 game between Oregon and Wisconsin. The crowd was insane. The reason I loved it though was because of all the great players who have played there. All the fans who have come and sat in the same seats as me in the last 100 years. The Rose Bowl is a place where most of the legendary coaches, players and teams have played.

Honorable mentions: Coors Field, Tropicana Field, Candlestick and Dodger Stadium.