A tribute to Derek Jeter

Future first ballot Hall of Fame baseball player Derek Jeter announced today that 2014 will be his last season. This is a man so well respected that even Red Sox fans won’t be booing him when he plays his last game.

I’m 22 so I don’t really know baseball without Jeter. Baseball was the first sport I ever watched, and the first one I ever loved. I think my life possibly could be completely different without Jeter. I started to like baseball because of him. He was a role model and a great player. I’ve never heard a single player say a bad thing about Jeter. Some fans might hate him because hes on the Yankees, but I just heard even Red Sox fans talking highly of him. If the Red Sox fans respect him, their is no good reason not to like him.

I was six when I first heard about Jeter, he was pretty much the only reason I liked baseball at the time. Without him, I may not have started to like sports for maybe another three years.

Jeter got me into baseball cards which is how I formed most of my baseball and sports knowledge. I would look at those cards so much that they became flashcards and I was studying without even knowing it.

Best of luck to him in retirement, he was the first player in sports I ever admired.


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