A tribute to Derek Jeter

Future first ballot Hall of Fame baseball player Derek Jeter announced today that 2014 will be his last season. This is a man so well respected that even Red Sox fans won’t be booing him when he plays his last game.

I’m 22 so I don’t really know baseball without Jeter. Baseball was the first sport I ever watched, and the first one I ever loved. I think my life possibly could be completely different without Jeter. I started to like baseball because of him. He was a role model and a great player. I’ve never heard a single player say a bad thing about Jeter. Some fans might hate him because hes on the Yankees, but I just heard even Red Sox fans talking highly of him. If the Red Sox fans respect him, their is no good reason not to like him.

I was six when I first heard about Jeter, he was pretty much the only reason I liked baseball at the time. Without him, I may not have started to like sports for maybe another three years.

Jeter got me into baseball cards which is how I formed most of my baseball and sports knowledge. I would look at those cards so much that they became flashcards and I was studying without even knowing it.

Best of luck to him in retirement, he was the first player in sports I ever admired.


Kevin Durant would be on the Bulls if David Stern didn’t change the high school to the NBA rule

The worst rule change in sports history has to be when David Stern announced the NBA would no longer accept high school basketball players to go straight to the NBA.

The number two high school sophomore in the country Harry Giles in the grey shirt will have to attend college (Thomas Frey)

The number two high school sophomore in the country Harry Giles in the grey shirt will have to attend college
(Thomas Frey)

The first class of high school players that weren’t allowed to the NBA was the Greg Oden and Kevin Durant class. Oden would have been number one pick to the Toronto Raptors and probably wouldn’t be this injured. The Chicago Bulls had the second pick which they traded to Portland. Lets assume that Chicago hadn’t traded that pick, because frankly, if Durant were available they wouldn’t have traded most likely. Chicago fans, your team had some decent guys, adding Durant would have meant championships. What a perfect place for Michael Jordan’s heir to play.

The 2004 and 2005 McDonald’s All American games were great. The practices of those years were more competitive then the 2006-2013 McDonald’s games combined. Their was so much on the line. Stern pretty much made the McDonald’s game pointless to watch. It is a great honor to be named a McDonald’s All American, but when the NBA isn’t on the line, it isn’t as important. It used to be the best.

I salute players like Brandon Jennings, Jeremy Tyler and Latavious Williams. Instead of going to college and making the greedy NCAA tons of money in exchange for pretty much nothing, they turned professional. Jennings and Tyler went to Europe while Williams played in the development league.

Why should a player risk millions of dollars and go to college? Lets take a look at some former rivals.com number one rated high school players.

Josh Selby was the number one prospect in 2010. He had eligibility issues and had to miss part of the season at Kansas. Then when he was able to play in mid-season he was out of the mix and could never get in the groove. He then declared for the draft. Instead of being a high pick out of high school and being richer then he could have ever imagined, he had to waste a year of his life in college and has never made more then a million dollars in a season.

Shabazz Muhammad exited high school as not only the top player of his class, but one of the best high school players in history. He had to miss time like Selby and had trouble in college. Muhammad would have been the first pick in the draft out of high school. After a year at UCLA he still was a first round pick, but he wasn’t a top ten pick.

I believe that Selby and Muhammad would be NBA stars if they didn’t have to go to college.

Their are many players who were ranked as top ten high school players that couldn’t go to the NBA and lost their draft stock in college.

Imagine if you knew you were going to make a minimum of ten million dollars in the NBA, would you want to take college classes?

One of the rarest feats in basketball

Not many active NBA players have won both a NCAA and NBA championship. Here they are.

Jason Terry helped lead Arizona to a championship in 1997. After being drafted tenth overall, he had an alright career, then he got to Dallas and picked up a championship ring in the 2011 NBA Finals.

Nazr Mohammed helped take Kentucky to two NCAA championships in 1996 and 1998. He has been all over the NBA and won an NBA championship with the San Antonio Spurs in 2005.

Richard Hamilton played magnificent for UCONN and for Detroit. In 1999, UCONN beat Duke in the finals to pick up the title. Hamilton was then drafted seventh overall and he hit his stride with the Detroit Pistons and helped lead them to the 2004 NBA championship.

Shane Battier was apart of the Duke team that lost to Hamilton and UCONN. Battier stayed at Duke and picked up a championship in 2001. He was then drafted eighth overall and had an okay NBA career. He eventually won back to back championships as a part of the Miami Heat. Even though he came off the bench, he was a key part of the team.

Corey Brewer helped Florida win back to back national championships in 2006 and 2007.  He starred with Joakim Noah and Al Holford, while Taurean Green and Lee Humphrey were the other Florida starters. Brewer was also a teammate of Jason Terry on the Mavericks when they were champions in 2011.

Mario Chalmers left Kansas right after he won the national championship. Chalmers hit a huge three that is one of the greatest plays in college basketball history. Without his shot, Kansas doesn’t win the game. He was a second round pick and is the point guard of the Miami Heat. Even though Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are on the team, Chalmers had his part in the last two NBA championships.

This is a rare list to be on.



Marcus Smart pushes fan, I’m on his side for now

At the end of the Oklahoma St. at Texas Tech game, Marcus Smart committed a foul and ended up on the floor behind the basket. His team was about to lose a very close rivalry game. He’s sitting on the floor, away from the fans, and then you can see it, that fan said something. I don’t know what he said, but it was enough to make Smart get up, turn around and go up to the fan. Then the fan continues to talk. This guy is about 55 if I had to guess. His name is Jeff Orr. A big Texas Tech fan. So now he has said two things to Smart, and Smart is nice and only pushed him. If Smart threw a punch, that guy would have been down in less then a second. Ryan Aber, a beat writer for the Oklahoma Sooners tweeted after the game, “Sure this has been said but OSU radio said immediately after the incident that Smart told the OSU coaches that the fan said THE word.” If the fan said what is being speculated, then I don’t blame Smart at all. Smart is volunteering, if you were volunteering, would you want to be called a very bad word? Lets take a few things into account. Smart has had some issues in the past, but nothing like this. The fan, Orr, has had a confrontation with a fan before. Doug Gottlieb posted a Youtube link on Twitter of it. I don’t know the fan, and I’ve never met a Texas Tech fan. But former NBA player Desmond Mason said on Twitter, “I’ve played in Lubbock&some of the things they called me pushed even my buttons.” I’m pretty sure that Smart wouldn’t push a fan unless something really bad was said. I can’t wait to hear Marcus Smart’s reaction to this.

Viejas Arena is a must see!

Hearing the number 12,414 instantly makes me think of the excitement of San Diego State basketball. Every tip-off all 12,414 in attendance stand and clap until the Aztecs score. Its a number most Aztecs fans know, and I think most would agree that Viejas Arena is a must see.

I’ve watched college basketball a lot over the years. The intense play of the ACC with Duke and North Carolina had me addicted. The crowd and atmosphere drove me into the game even more. I wanted to go to a game like that. I watched Duke partly because of there student section. I never thought I would be in the same building as a great student section. As far as I can tell, SDSU’s student section is among the best. They help make the game very fun.

The Aztecs play in the only building in San Diego where the home fans dominate the stadium. When the Padres or Chargers play you see so many other fans. At Viejas Arena it is rare to even see five percent of the crowd cheering for the opponent.

The Aztecs rarely lose at home. I’m not sure what there home winning percentage is, but I have only seen them lose nine times in since the beginning of the 2009 season and I have been to 75 games.

Since the team is so great and since the atmosphere is great, I would definitely recommend going. Being ranked in the top five is rare and you never know when they could ever get that high again, if at all.

Can San Diego ever win a championship?

After seeing the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, I know that I want one of my favorite teams from San Diego to win a championship. If the Chargers, Padres or Aztecs could win it all, I would feel like a Seattle fan. Nobody is predicting a San Diego team to ever win a title. Let me tell you, its coming. Padres, Chargers and especially the Aztecs are improving greatly.

I have great memories of all these teams where they beat teams they weren’t supposed to. I’ll remember those forever, but I want a championship.

In the 2009-2010 college basketball season I was a student manager at San Diego State. That season was special, I got to be a little part of a team that has had two players make the NBA and I won’t be surprised if at least three of the assistants will eventually become head coaches. I loved that team. My favorite game ever was when #14 New Mexico came into Viejas Arena that year. SDSU wasn’t ranked then. The fans there that night were craving an upset. They got one. It was the first time I ever saw a ranked team, and the fact that it was against rival New Mexico made it even better. That same feeling has returned a few times the last few year. This year I hope that the Aztecs make the Final Four. They are definitely good enough to make it that far.

The Padres and Chargers are also both on the rise. If one of these teams can just win a title, I would be a very proud fan.