Lance Stephenson will be missed by the Indiana Pacers next season

Stephenson is capable of becoming the leagues greatest second round pick of all time. He gets paid though like the last guy on the bench. Stephenson is pretty much playing for free and for Larry Bird to complain about Stephenson doesn’t make sense. I don’t think Bird understands how good of a player Lance Stephenson … Continue reading

Josh Beckett a hero once again

The 2003 World Series is one of my favorites. I’ll never forget Josh Beckett’s magnificent performance in Game 6 where he threw a complete game and even tagged out the final batter to win that game and World Series MVP. Beckett has always been in the public eye. Out of high school he was drafted … Continue reading

Very glad that Vince Young is getting this chance with the Browns

When Vince Young suited up for the Green Bay Packers last year in preseason, I had wished the Browns would give him a chance. He is one of my favorite players ever. I was surprised he didn’t make the Packers final roster. His play at the University of Texas was literally magical. The 2006 Rose … Continue reading

Crazy NBA tonight

How did Mike Dunleavy Jr. score 35? Shocking. That Nene, and Jimmy Butler fight was pretty great. I wanted the Rockets to lose really bad. I don’t like Jeremy Lin or James Harden at all. However, I was glad to see Troy Daniels hit that three ball to take the lead instead of Lin or … Continue reading

Kevin Durant would be on the Bulls if David Stern didn’t change the high school to the NBA rule

Kevin Durant would be on the Bulls if David Stern didn’t change the high school to the NBA rule

The worst rule change in sports history has to be when David Stern announced the NBA would no longer accept high school basketball players to go straight to the NBA. The first class of high school players that weren’t allowed to the NBA was the Greg Oden and Kevin Durant class. Oden would have been … Continue reading